Ewww! Germs At The Mall!

atm Ewww! Germs At The Mall!

(photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

You’re Going Christmas Shopping This Weekend.  HERE’S WHAT NOT TO TOUCH!

Got a hold of recent poll which asked experts what the grossest things were on your average day shopping.  Let’s count ’em down:

8. Makeup samples.  (You’re not the first to have that stuff applied.  YOU’RE THE MILLIONTH!)

7. Gadget shops.  (Who has touched that iPad screen before you got there?)

6. Fitting rooms (The last customer who tried on pants had to sit somewhere.)

5. Toy stores.  (It’s like a daycare center for the world.  How many kids got to Elmo before yours did?)

 4. ATM keyboards (Enter and Zero are the worst offenders.  Do you really need that 20 bucks?)

3. Escalator handrails (Balance, hands-free.  It’s why you’ve got 2 feet.)

2. Food court tables (The same attendant uses the same wash rag to clean every table AGAIN TODAY)

And…Most disgusting of all…

1. Nope, not the toilets.  It’s what everyone uses AFTER they use those things.  #1 is…

Restroom Sinks. 

Good luck out there.  Bring the Purell.


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