15 Coolest, Most Unique & CHEAPEST Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone!

Just because you’re on a tight budget this year doesn’t mean your friends and family have to suffer! These 15 (reasonably priced) awesome Christmas gift ideas range from $10-30 bucks. However, you might start resenting yourself for not keeping them instead.

15. Lego USB Flash Drive


This little gadget makes a great stocking stuffer. Everyone needs a USB Flash Drive! But with a nostalgic twist.

14. Chandon 187-ml bottles of Brut Classic

Approximately $5 bucks

The holidays are meant for boozing up! So share the love!

13. Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler


This is a gift only the ladies will appreciate.

12. SIGG Water Bottles

$19.99 – $29.99

These cool Swiss engineered water bottles boast environmentally friendliness with every bottle — they’re made from recyclable aluminum instead of those landfill-clogging disposable plastic bottles. Save the planet and look cool while hydrating!

11. Chanel Nail Polish


There’s nothing sexier than a classic red nail polish. So why not splurge a little this year and buy your significant other or closest girlfriends some of the real GOOD stuff. Come on, she’s worth it.

10. Customized Mug


The perfect gift for the coffee addict or tea lover in your life! Get a mug with their photo, initials, or anything else for under $20!

9. Magazine Subscriptions

– Amazon Deal $5 per Subscription

Magazines haven’t died yet. And how could you resist this amazing deal?

9. Godiva “Gem” Chocolates


Godiva is recognizing the strapped wallets of shoppers this holiday season. Their “Gems” collection sells for $10.

8. Molla Space Microphone Speaker


This crazy retro looking speaker comes in handy when you’re ready to bust into a song!

7. Tabasco Family Reserve


Obviously this secret sauce made from the best hand-selected peppers and aged in oak for up to eight years is only reserved for ya know … family. But now, you can give some to yours too!

6. 80’s Retro iPhone Case cover


The hipster in you is just dying for this iPhone cover.

5. Bacon Wrapped Steaks


Four five-ounce bacon-wrapped filets from Omaha Steaks.com may be the quickest way to a carnivore’s heart.

4. Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Foil Cutter


Admit it, you’ve cut yourself one too many times on those. This is a godsend.

3. Belkin Laptop Sleeve


You need this solely because it has a shoulder strap.

2. Clothing Stamper


This is necessary.

1. Logitech Harmony 200


This well-designed universal remote with great ergonomics. You program it via streamlined wizard-style setup software (Mac or PC) that’s optimized for tech novices.



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