“Whatever!” Did You Really Say “Whatever?”

mouth Whatever! Did You Really Say Whatever?

(photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

You should be ashamed.

The Marist Poll has revealed the most annoying words and phrases of 2011 and…Most Annoying of ALL is…”Whatever.” 

A. How many of us have said that word already today?  (Don’t look at me.)


B. Just because you’re reading this, how many of these infamously annoying words and phrases are gonna infiltrate your subconscious and come right out of your mouth before the day is thru?

Here are the other 4 finalists in no particular order…”Like,” “You know,” “Just Sayin'” and “Seriously!”

Seriously, I’m just sayin’ that YOU are probably like, you know guilty of at least one of these infractions.  Ya know?



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