Russell Brand…On Tour With The Dalai Lama?


Russell Brand has been opening for the Dalai Lama on a most unusual tour of the British Isles.  Says Russell, “Going from junkie to Shagger of the Year 3 times to now introducing the Dalai Lama, it has been an interesting journey.”  Says the Dalai Lama, “This person who introduced me is very fit.”  Russell asks OF THE DALAI LAMA, “Did you pick up any spiritual tips?” to which the Dalai Lama responds, “I think your openness transfers wonderfully.”

As for the Dalai Lama playfully tugging on Brand’s beard on stage, Russell says, “Not really a lot I can do in a situation like this.  I just have to go with it.”

I foresee a 3 picture deal with Universal to do buddy comedies…or am I reading too much into this?

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