Having A Benefit? Need A Venue? Call Enotria!

I have a secret. I want to KEEP it a secret, but…I just can’t because you are my friend.

Have you been to Enotria? Have you HEARD of this place? You will thank me.

Enotria is a restaurant on Del Paso Blvd in the artsy “Groves” area of Sacramento, just the other side of Woodlake. All of the houses in Woodlake are different. Such a nice neighborhood!

Anyhoo, back to Enotria. Dale and I have been going there for years. They had a remodel at the beginning of this year and the place is stunning!  There is a sleek wine bar, a stylish main restaurant area and a lovely patio in the back with a HUGE oak tree (I think) spreading its canopy up above. Just the best!

The food is extraordinary at Enotria. And, no, I am NOT getting anything from them to be saying this stuff. I just happen to think that this is one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to.

That’s poor grammar, huh..?

The folks at Enotria are now opening up their place to anyone need a venue for a benefit. The next is a dinner for Jesuit High School on June 24th. If you need a venue for yours, this is a great idea!

Check out their menus and wines at enotria.com. You will probably want to change your dinner plans tonight! Try the Peppadew Peppers stuffed with chevre and topped with sesame seeds to start and then the Mary’s Farm Roasted Chicken with mascarpone polenta and roasted red grapes…which I have had three times in six weeks!

Well…secret’s out now.  Enjoy!


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