Matthew McConaughey Trusts His Thong

Matthew McConaughey is a handsome, handsome man.  He has taken his shirt off for us before.  Oh, yes he did!  Well starting Friday, he shows just a bit more.

Okay, make that a BUNCH more!!!

“Magic Mike” is 43-year-old McConaughey’s latest venture.  He plays a stripper in this Steven Soderbergh movie.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, McConaughey says of his teeny-weeny (SNORT!) costume “It’s your only protection up on stage. When I first tried it on, my body contorted. And I tried to get myself into every position to see what angles I was covered.”

I’ll bet.

He says he treated the song as his friend.  Everyone on the set did, too. 

“If everyone is dressed in a thong pretty much any conversation is going to be funny,” he said. “It’s only weird if you make it weird.”

“Magic Mike” starts in  theaters on Friday.


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