Adam Levine Confesses He’s “Scared” Of Watching ‘American Horror Story’

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Yes Adam, I too was scared of watching American Horror Story when it debuted last year. Luckily the creative, dark and twisted stories AHS dares to share sucked me in until there was no turning back . “I’m still too scared to watch it,” Levine shared during a sit down interview with MTV. Does this make him even more adorable or a wuss?

Levine’s facing his fears enough to perform as one half of “The Lovers”. Series writer Tim Minear described Levine’s character as “kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities, as opposed to something from the mid-century.” Well that explains everything – not!

Levine really needs to be most fearful of the show’s co-creator who is well-known for being very demanding of his actors. “I can tell you nothing ’cause Ryan Murphy’s already yelled at me like six times,” Levine said. “Ryan, I’m not going to say anything. Don’t worry. He texted me the other day like, ‘Shut up, stop talking about it,’ ’cause he likes to shroud everything in secrecy.”

Go ahead Murphy, you can shroud everything you want…except for Adam Levine’s abs. Please share his fabulous abs with us.

American Horror Story will return this fall on FX with season two taking place at an east coast mental hospital in the 1960’s.

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