Alicia Keys is a ‘Natural Mom,’ Says Her Husband

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It seems music isn’t the only thing that comes naturally to Alicia Keys. According to her husband, so does being a mom.

The first time mommy gave birth to son, Egypt Daoud last year and from the get-go seemed to know just what to do. Her rapper/producer husband, Swizz Beatz, who’s worked with the likes of Mary J Blige, John Legend and Kanye West, says everyone is just impressed by how instinctively motherhood has come to her.

“She’s just a natural mom,” he told People. “She even surprised my mom, who wanted to give her tips but was like, ‘What tips can I give her? She’s already ahead of the game.’”

Beatz, who says he was lucky enough to marry his best friend, also told the mag that the two plan to have more kids. “God willing, yes,” he said. “Everything just has to flow.”

And yes, he does admit with a laugh that “God willing” really means Alicia willing.

Though Alicia’s been on a bit of a break since her 2009 album, The Element of Freedom, she recently released her latest single, “New Day,“ which was produced by her hubby.

The “Fallin’” singer hasn’t announced when she will release her new album, but has said it is about becoming a mom and the newfound confidence it has brought.

“I’ve come to a place where I trust myself,” she said. “I’ve stepped into womanhood and I’m not afraid to be whole woman that I am, flaws and all.”

Listen to “New Day” below.

- Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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