Shopping Advice From A Dude

A new survey says more than HALF of us plan to start our holiday shopping by Thanksgiving . . . and 80% plan to spend more on Black Friday than they did last year.  One in three people say the most stressful part of Black Friday is the thought of so many people packed into every store, and one in four say it’s worrying the store will run out of what they want.

here’s some shopping advice from a dude (ME)…

If you want that Black Friday deal, you know… a 50 inch TV for 60 bucks,  forget about it! There’s already a hefty man named bob in line waiting for that bad boy. You have no shot.

For everything else, the stores won’t run out of stuff. Take your time, they stocked up just for you

Wait until the 23rd of December. Hit the store with your list and go to the impulse shopping aisles, you’ll find everything on your list there. You’ll be done inside 10 minutes. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other thoughtful men who are all in a hurry to get home and watch more football. DONE!

Oh, and pay the neighbor kid to wrap your presents – they’re cheap… and better at it than you are

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