What I’ve Learned From 4 1/2 Years of Marriage

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Photo By Samantha Jean Photography Michelle Arthur
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If only my husband looked at me the way he looks at food! Seriously. Here’s what happened yesterday. He was chatting with our boss and I overheard him say something like, ” Would you look at that! Lean, slender and nicely built. I’d like to have me some of that!! And the sides…”

Well, I had to go over and see what they were looking at! Turned out he was holding the latest issue of Sacramento magazine and drooling over a restaurant ad featuring a southern comfort looking meal of steak and potatoes. SERIOUSLY! You would of thought he was looking at the latest issue of Maxim Magazine.

That’s when I started wondering… when does it all change? Is it something in the wedding cake? Is your husband like this? He used to look at me like I was one big juicy chicken wing… a family size meat lovers pizza… a piece of cheesecake. Now, 4 ½ years into marriage… I might as well be a celery stalk.

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