What Triggers Your Stress About Black Friday?

Let the craze of shopping begin! Black Friday is almost here!

We all know Black Friday is is packed with killer deals and early mornings…but with all that comes stress. Only those who are veterans at shopping on Black Friday have mastered their tradition with a lot less stress compared to the newbies. You may need a few trips until you can channel your stress to excitement. For many Americans, Black Friday will never be appealing and we have a survey to prove why that is the case. According to a survey, from PR Newswire, plan to start shopping for the season of giving before Thanksgiving.

Their survey was conducted online nationwide among 2,231 U.S. adults aged 18 and older.
  • nearly 1/3 (301%) of U.S. adults think Black Friday sales start too early.
  • 80% of people plan to spend MORE on Black Friday this year than they did last year.
  • 41% say they’re not looking for anything specific on Black Friday . . . but prices are so low, they might as well shop.

Here are the top four fears most Americans have about shopping on Black Friday:

  1.  One in three get stressed out over the thought of so many people packed into one store.
  2. 28% are worried the store will run out of what they want.
  3. 26% feel stress over competing with other shoppers for deals.
  4. 16% say there are so many deals, it’s overwhelming.

Where do you fit in? Let us know how you measure up to the stats! May the shopping gods be with all of you brave souls!


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