15 Things Men Don’t Know About Their Significant Others

Here’s some breaking news for you ladies: if your husband or boyfriend is like most men, they don’t know basic things about you.  That’s according to a new survey by British retailer Superdrug, which says 40 per cent of couples have split because the man has forgotten (or not bothered to ask) about things he ought to know.  Some of these things aren’t surprising, but others are just pathetic, like not knowing what you do for work, what your natural hair color is, and worst of all, not knowing your birthday!

Here are the top 15 things men don’t know about their significant others:

#1.)  Her cell phone number-  54% of men don’t know it.  This may because these days people save their contact list  in their cell phones and don’t need to know what number to dial once it’s in there. So it’s understandable.

#2.)  Her favorite song, 54%, which is kind of pathetic because she probably sings it often and turns up the radio when it comes on!

#3.)  Bra size, 39%.  Considering men are well aware of what goes into a bra, they really should know the size.

#4.)  The specific date you met, 35%.  This isn’t necessarily offensive, because you could have known each other as friends for years before you ever thought of each other in a romantic way.  Still, he should at least know when they starting dating (at least the month and year).

#5.)  Favorite perfume, 34%.  Probably the easiest gift to get a woman, and they probably have commented on it once or twice so why don’t they know?

#6.)  Where she went to school, 28%He should at the very least know where she went to college.  

#7.)  Her favorite clothing store, 24%Again, another easy gift idea (gift card anyone?), so there really is no excuse.  Just ask! Or take a second to glance at her shopping bags. 

#8.)  Shoe size, 23%.  This is a little more understandable, but he should have a basic idea of what kind of shoe size she is.

#9.)  Dress size, 23%.  Again, he should have a basic idea.  But unless he looks in the closet, he probably won’t know the exact size.  Lets cut him some slack on this one, if he asked, he’d probably be in the doghouse.

#10.)  Underwear size, 20%.  This is the same for the bra size, he should totally know this.  Or have an idea.

#11.)  Who she considers her best friend, 20%.  This is pretty pathetic not to know….  It’s the girl she always hangs out with and is always talking about!  

#12.)  Her allergies, 20%.  If a man cares about his sweetie, he should know this.  

#13.)  HER BIRTHDAY, 12%That’s about one in eight, by the way. Absolutely pathetic, no excuses!

#14.)  Her natural hair color, 11%.  Just look at old photos, or her roots, duh!

#15.)  Her official job title, 10%. Seriously? If he doesn’t know this and she’s been at it for awhile, he’s kind of a jerk. 

Not really all too surprising?  The survey found out that more than 3/4 of men asked thinks that their wife/girlfriend would know ALL of those details about him!


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