Creative Ideas For Reusing Your Phone Book

I cannot remember the last time I used a phone book. My phone book has become If I can’t Google it, it does not exist to me. But, instead of pitching it in the recycle bin right away, I decided to yes, Google, alternative uses for the phone book.


Here are just a few of the things I found online:

1. Make a booster seat for your child.

2. Use them, sheet by sheet, as an alternative to paper towels to clean windows and mirrors.

3. Kindling.

4. Crumple the pages into balls to use as packaging filler for delicate objects.

5. Next time your kid needs to paper mache something, use pages from your old phone books.

6. Kill a big spider.

7. Weigh down a big box so you can surprise someone with a smaller gift.

8. Make an origami version of Noah’s Ark. (Um, yeah right)!

9. A pillow. (Huh)?

10. Spit-wads. (I think a guy added this one).

11. Shred or tear the pages and use them as bedding in your worm bin. (Um, EW)!

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