Top 55 Songs Of 2012 Wrapped Up In A Mash-Up

The latest mash-up creator has complied 55 different hits for the 2012 year and released his finished project. Mash-ups have been getting quite a bit of attention lately and Daniel Kim, a Vancouver-based deejay and photographer has released his latest 8 minute piece of art.

According to OMG Yahoo! Kim calls himself a mathemusician. Kim commented on his process and finished product on his website says,

“Making a mash-up is like completing a huge puzzle (not every piece goes together). Fortunately, my brain was made for these kinds of puzzles. The whole process takes me about three whole months.”

His entire process is broken down on his website complete with a different step each month: Gathering, Planning, Arranging and Mixing. If you want to read deeper in the process, you should check out his blog catering to what looks like his ‘gift’ of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Check out the extensive music puzzle below!

If you listened carefully, you will find that Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is absent. Kim struggled with finding a spot for the song. Kim stating, “unfortunately, the tempo of the song is too different from the tempo of the section of my mash-up that is in G major (the key that Taylor Swift’s song is in).” The video has still been doing surprisingly well even with a heavy hitter missing.

Tell us what you think! Are any of your favorites from 2012 missing?


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