Poor Kevin Costner

My totally awesome step kids were in town for the New Year… which was fun. Becca’s 17 and Alex is 21. Somehow we got to talking about Superman and the newest one coming out this summer. We were talking about who was starring in the movie… when Kevin Costner came up… to which Becca said,  “WHO!?”

Me: WHO!? Who what? Who is Kevin Costner? Are you for real? Are you pulling my leg? Come on!! Kevin Costner!! You have to know who Kevin Costner is!! We’re not talking about Clark Gable or Sam Elliot here… we’re talking about Kevin stinkin’ Costner!!

She wasn’t kidding. Her face was all teenager like… whatever old lady. You heard me. I don’t know who Kevin Costner is. Fortunately Alex was some help. He went to IMDB and started rattling off all the movies we thought she might know of KEVIN COSTNER!!

Me: Have you seen Water world?

Becca: No.

Me: Body Guard?

Becca: No.

Me: Come on… with Whitney Houston?

Becca: No.

Me: How about “Dances With Wolves!! You ‘ve got to know Dances with Wolves.

Becca: Um, no.

Me: Field of dreams? There’s no way you’ve lived 17 years and not seen Field of Dreams.

Becca: Um. No.

Me: I give up. I’m officially old.

There’s nothing like a teenager to make you feel old. I can’t wait until my 2 ½ year old gets to be a teenager. He’ll be like… “You mean you couldn’t see the other person when you talked on the phone? You mean you had to watch commercials? You mean you couldn’t just Google everything? Heck, he might even be like, “What’s this Google thing you speak of?”

Poor Kevin Costner. Lol.

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