Justin Bieber Celebrates 6 Years Of Success

It’s hard to “Believe” but Justin Bieber has been a part of the artist community for several years now and this week marks his sixth anniversary. Keep in mind, Bieber is only 18 now, so he’s been singing professionally since he was just 12 years old!

Click here to see photos of Bieber growing up.

His manager, Scooter Braun, mentioned the anniversary on Twitter yesterday.

Finding Justin Bieber obviously changed his life and the lives of his fans that overwhelmed Braun with several thank you notes.

Bieber also weighed in on his anniversary:

So what does the Biebs have planned for his next six years? It’s hard to say, but additional ink work is a good bet.

Just yesterday the singer added another tattoo to his growing collection with music producer Jamal Rashid. They got matching Roman numeral tattoos. Click here to see a picture of their matching tattoos that Bieber shared on his Instagram account.

The caption under the photo reads, “Great Minds Think Alike ! @justinbieber 1975 Same Tatts spiritual meanings.”

The tattoo doesn’t translate into 1975 according to E News. So what does this new tat mean and does it have anything to do with his anniversary?

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local


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