Finding Love For Your Parents

For those of you who have changed your Facebook relationship statuses to “Forever Alone”, kiss your single life good-bye!  With the creation of new dating site, your Prince Charming could be right around the corner.  Provided that your child can find him, however. is exactly what it sounds like:  a website dedicated to praising parents’ virtues and admirable qualities via the world wide web with the intention of scoring a date.  Co-creater Matt Connolly intended to make it easier for older, single parents to find love through a dating site run directly by their adult children.  Dating sites are meant to be an easier way to meet the love of your life, not to meet your son or daughter’s idea of the love of your life.  The idea that your child can choose your Friday night date, or run a variety of paramours of questionable character through your love life frankly makes us cringe.  The adorableness of the idea of your mother or father asking you to help them navigate the big, bad dating world notwithstanding, we cannot even pretend we would know who they should date.  We don’t even trust our best friends to find the love of our lives, so how could we do this for our parents?

Call us hopeless romantics, but we believe dating is an incredibly personal activity: it’s looking for the love of your life!  Or at least someone you can tolerate into old age.  It requires a personal touch, and as long as your adult children are scheduling play dates for you with their peers’ parents, we doubt things will work out.  ‘Tis better to have swum the sea looking for another fish than to send your kids out fishing.  They’ll probably bring back a catfish when you were looking for a salmon.


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