Justin Biebers Leaked Track, About Selena?

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Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012


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We are just 5 days away from getting our hands on Justin Bieber’s new Believe Acoustic album. Justin and his team already revealed the tracks to be made acoustic earlier this month with the addition of two more songs. Conveniently in the midst of his rocky relationship the two new songs have been recorded…so we can only imagine the tracks are about her. Here’s the list in case you forgot:

  1. Boyfriend (Acoustic Version)
  2. As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic Version)
  3. Beauty And A Beat (Acoustic Version)
  4. She Don’t Like The Lights (Acoustic Version)
  5. Take You (Acoustic Version)
  6. Be Alright (Acoustic Version)
  7. All Around The World (Acoustic Version)
  8. Fall (Acoustic Version)
  9. Yellow Rain Coat  – NEW
  10. I Would — NEW

Just yesterday the song “Yellow Rain Coat” was leaked and there is no way that song is not about Selena Gomez.  Selena was just seen wearing a yellow raincoat late December, coincidence?

Watch the YouTube video below to hear the new song “Yellow Rain Coat”.

Now try to tell me your not a belieber!

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