New Kate Upton Ad Too Sexy?

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Kate Upton has found her calling: standing there doing nothing.

According to the title of a teaser released of Mercedes-Benz’s new CLA-Class car model, Kate Upton “washes the new Mercedes CLA in slow motion”.  However, once watching the video clip, you find that Kate Upton is not washing the car at all.  Instead, she merely stands there with an enigmatic smile.  At the most, Upton can be found blowing a handful of bubbles at the young football players that are doing the actual car washing.

The ad has come under fire for encouraging the idea that sex appeal can get women whatever they want.  Upton, dressed in a low-cut black tank top and jean shorts, is portrayed as the embodiment of sex while the guys watching her longingly are only too eager to do whatever she wants.  The ad will be played during the Super Bowl, intended to target young men that would otherwise be discouraged by the price of a Mercedes to purchase one.  Maybe Upton’s sex appeal will encourage those guys that the purchase of a Mercedes will win them a girl with Upton’s looks.

Our problem isn’t what Kate Upton is wearing or how she’s acting, it’s the fact that the ad title is misleading.  Upton never washes the Mercedes CLA, and even though the ad title is effective in grabbing the attention of the audience,  the commercial is preying on men’s innate weakness to never say no to sex appeal, which is pathetic in our minds.  Mostly true and completely useful if you’re a girl like Kate Upton, but still pathetic.  Can’t wait for the Superbowl to watch it?  Watch it here.

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