Homeless Hero!

On Friday, February 1st, one man made the news in a big way when he played the hero and took down a racist attacker who believed himself to be Jesus Christ.  Kai, a homeless hitchhiker who is making his way to the coast in order to learn how to surf, makes his way around on the goodness of strangers.  On Friday, he returned the favor to society by putting himself in harm’s way in order to save two victims of a violent and possibly mentally deranged attacker, who incidentally, offered him a ride in the first place.

About 2 P.M. last Friday, Kai found himself needing a ride.  After failing to gain passage with others, Kai gratefully accepted the offer of a Jett Simmons McBride, 54 of Tacoma who was headed in his direction.  Kai and McBride began to talk, and to his surprise, McBride soon began confiding in him.  McBride confessed to the homeless hitchhiker that he had raped a girl earlier in life on a business trip to the Virgin Islands, spouted racist comments, and finished with wild ravings that McBride was Jesus Christ.  Trapped in the passenger seat, Kai thought to ignore the seemingly delusional McBride, but ignorance turned into action when McBride quickly targeted a crew of Pacific Gas & Electric workers and rammed his car into the crew.   The car trapped a black worker, who has remained unidentified, against the work truck, and while the man was paralyzed by the pain of his broken leg, McBride exited the vehicle and attempted to beat the worker and anyone who tried to stop him.  When a woman tried to stop McBride from beating the worker, McBride then turned on her and grabbed her up, undoubtedly with violent aims in mind.  Spurred to action, Kai then exited the vehicle and used the blunt side of his hatchet to knock out McBride.  Police arrived on the scene later to arrest McBride for attempted murder, and paramedics transported the injured worker to the Community Regional Medical Center.  The injured worker has conveyed through the PG&E spokesman that, “He just hopes [the attacker] gets the help he needs.”

Kai, on the other hand, has become infamous with his interview after the incident took place.  Kai seemed calm in the video, and not aware of the fact that he acted heroically.  He stood by his actions, and regretted that he did not act preemptively enough to stop the attacks from happening.  And what’s next for Kai?  Hopefully free surf lessons on a borrowed surfboard for him.  Hang ten, hero!

Haven’t seen the infamous interview yet?  Watch it here, and keep in mind that Kai’s language is quite colorful.


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