How To Get From First Date To Marriage

Have you gone on countless first dates wondering when you will find “the one?”

According to a new study, about 3% of first dates turn into marriages.  That means there’s a 1- in-33 chance the next person you meet for drinks and endure awkward conversation with could be your future spouse.

However, there doesn’t mean it’s going to be all rosy.  The study found that there are a few milestones to cross before a serious relationship has marriage potential.

Here’s what it breaks down too:

22 romantic dinner dates

7 major arguments

5 meals out with each others friends

2 trips together

gaining the approval of 55% of their friends

not only meeting the parents, but staying at the parents house

and spending a whooping $4,700 on each other!

Whew, that sounds like a lot of work.


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