Harlem Shake Makes It To Comedy TV

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are two of our favorite men.  They make us laugh, they keep us updated, and they provide valuable incentive for productivity as work breaks through the 1/2 hour episodes of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, and “The Colbert Report”.  They let us know the biggest trends in today’s society, and they do it in a humorous, mocking way.  So when Stewart and Colbert both integrated the Harlem Shake into their weekly shows, we knew we had to investigate.

The Harlem Shake is essentially this:  one guy dancing while others in the room are pretending not to notice and continuing with their own respective activities.  Then, right when you think that this guy will just continue to have a good time by himself, the video switches and the entire room full of people start dancing, all in their unique ways.

Jon Stewart’s take on the Harlem Shake is so different that we absolutely love it, and love to see Stewart embrace his solidarity.  Stephen Colbert’s take is more traditional, and we love that he involves all of his audience.  Watch both videos here.  However, the University of Georgia men’s swim team take it one step further underwater here.  Embrace the weekend, try the fad out for yourself and let us know how it goes!


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