Harlem Shake On Plane Leads To Federal Investigation

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Picture Credit:  lib.store.yahoo.net

Picture Credit: lib.store.yahoo.net

Dan and Michelle
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Members of the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee Team took the viral video dance craze airborne during a recent Frontier Airlines flight. It was all for fun and resulted in yet another “Harlem Shake” video on YouTube. This one features a guy in a banana suit, but the Federal Aviation Administration was not amused once they got wind of the stunt. A FAA spokesman confirmed that they are investigating the video with one anonymous official saying the video “looks bad,” but as long as it was not recorded during takeoff or landing, it probably wasn’t a criminal act. However, if the clip was shot against the wishes of the flight staff, the participants could be charged with interfering with the plane’s crew.

Matt Zelin, a member of the team, says, “We asked the staff and they said it was safe.” A Colorado College spokeswoman also came to the team’s defense, saying they “definitely had permission from the flight crew.”


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