Peak Time For Fighting On Christmas Day is 3:18 PM

If your family can’t get through Christmas day without fighting, you’re not alone; in fact, congratulations, you’re normal. Christmas morning is usually smooth sailing. Everyone’s excited to see what Santa left under the tree.  But, by afternoon, many of us start to lose it. Maybe it’s because we’re trapped inside, with family?

According to the Daily Mail, a new survey has pinpointed the EXACT time fighting hits its peak over the holidays at it’s 3:18 PM  on Christmas day. And two-thirds of people say there’s absolutely no chance of their family getting through the day without at least one argument.

So, what are we fighting about? Here’s the top 8:

1. Who gets control of the TV

2. Who has to wash the dishes

3. Cheating on board games

4. What to eat for Christmas dinner

5. How the tree should be decorated

6. How the house should be decorated

7. Who has to cook dinner

8. Bad Christmas presents

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