Morgan Freeman Does Interview On Helium

Morgan Freeman has the voice of a God. That must be why he actually played God in Bruce Almighty. Mr. Freeman’s voice is legendary. Many people would pick him to provide the voice-over of their life. He just sounds amazing! Although, what happens to his voice when it is on Helium?

In a video from last night’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon took Freeman’s glorious voice away for an incredibly funny segment.  First off, Fallon told Freeman he was a fan of his show on the Science network. Fallon called it Through The Wormhole. The actor corrected Fallon, saying it is called Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman. Awkward. Like, really awkward.

The actor seems to be annoyed with the late night host throughout most of the segment. He must have been playing with Fallon, trying to make him feel uncomfortable. Fallon kept trying to talk to the actor, but Freeman would just give him this blank stare. Then things got interesting.

Fallon brought out two red balloons filled with helium. The comedian really wanted to see what the actor’s voice would sound like. Well, both of their voices became high and silly, although Freeman probably could still do some voice work, even with the helium.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this,” the actor said with his helium-induced voice. “It’s very undignified.”

Check out the video below:

-Bobby Solorio, KYMX/Sacramento

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