I Can’t Believe My Daughter Said THAT Word

I think Grace, our 16 month old, is just trying to get me back now… for all the ways I will likely embarrass her when she’s older. We had some friends over for dinner this weekend, so I had to run to the Raley’s in Lincoln to pick up a few things and decided to take Grace with me. It was a normal shopping trip… in and out… no big.


And, she’s just at the cutest age where she’s trying her darndest to talk. You know that age where they have a few words down pat! Mommy. Daddy. Milk. Minnie. Mickey. Most anything else is just a cute, unique version of words… like… she says


Cack-ou – for cracker

Doc-or – for doctor

Cado – for avocado


It’s such a fun stage. You know, that stage where you’re like the only one who understands your kids. But, a lot of time it’s just baby babble. A lot of nonsense that leaves us wondering… what is she trying to say? I wonder what she thinks she’s saying? It’s cute… until she accidentally turned her every day, cute baby babble… into a word… that I cannot even say, mainly out of embarrassment.


So, we’re in Raley’s. We’re somewhere in between the deli case, the cheese and wines… when all of the sudden she bursts out… what felt like with a mega phone… the word… D-I-L-D-O. I have NO IDEA what she was trying to say… what she saw that she burst out with THAT word… but no fewer than 5 sets of judging eyes were on us… saying nothing, but totally saying things like “What kind of mother are you? What kinds of awful things do you do or say in front of your daughter… your young, innocent daughter. I about died”


I’d have just blown it off, but it was clear as day. Cracker she can’t say… avocado she can’t say… but D-I-L-D-O… apparently that’s in her repertoire. So, I did what any self-respecting mother would do… I blamed her dad.

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