Total ‘Cool Mom’ Fail!

I had a “trying-to-be-a-cool-mom” epic fail!

We all want to be that cool mom or dad right? A least a little bit. Well, I totally thought I was being the COOL MOM. Jackson, our 4-year-old, is really into Spider-Man and has really gotten into ALL the Marvel characters. And, thanks to a thick book he got on all the superheroes, he pretty much knows who EVERY character is. It’s really impressive, and something I’ve had to learn. Because, like most other moms, we didn’t grow up loving superheroes; we were into Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie and My Little Pony. So, it’s been a total learning process.

Well, I was shopping at the Folsom outlets the other day and saw a Marvel tank top in the window of Hot Topic that was really cute, with all the superheroes. So I bought it. Trying to be a cool mom, trying to get some street cred with our son. His wardrobe is like 50% superheroes, so I thought, how cool, we can both be sporting the same shirts!! I’m so cool.

Well then, yesterday happened. I surprised him by wearing it. He flipped and thought it was so cool… thought I was so cool, but that’s when it went south. He’s only four, so without even thinking about it, he just started groping me… at his preschool, in the parking lot, like… oooh…. Mom!!! As he grabs my right breast… your shirt has THOR!!!! Then my left… and the HULK!!! And then awkwardly points to my under-boob… touching my shirt… and says WHO IS THAT!? To which, I’m like…”I don’t know… I NEVER see my under-boob…”

I think it was Daredevil. I really can’t remember… and I still haven’t seen my under-boob to confirm!!

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