The First Time Your Kid Says A Bad Word

That’s kind of a big moment right!!? Very memorable. Ours was yesterday afternoon. Our four year old Jackson’s FIRST bad word. The silver lining… we’re pretty sure he still  doesn’t know he cursed. However, when it happened, it was like that awkward… did he KNOW what he was saying? Do we tell him not to say it? Will that make him want to say it? Do we just move on?

So, Jackson’s learning to read and is very interested in words. You know parents, even if you have nieces and nephews, it’s a fun time! And, conversations in our house often turn to rhyming, without so much as a warning. You may something as totally normal as, “It’s time to go!” And, it turns into… Joe rhymes with go. And toe. And low. And bow. And on… and on… and on.  This has become a part of our daily fabric. Which sure beats the WHY stage… remember that one? Haven’t been there yet? It’s coming.

So… yesterday afternoon… Jackson starts rhyming the word sat. Innocent enough. Cat. Hat. Bat. That. Pat. And then comes… the variation… out of the blue he decides to put a SH in front of the AT. He kept going, even though Dan and I started giggling… a lot. We couldn’t help it, totally uncontrollable. But… he kept going… fat… mat… so we were able to pull it together!!

Whew! It’s all good until he starts using those words CORRECTLY!! Or until his 19 month old sister starts picking up the words… Mommy – I need a diaper change… I… seem to have Sh$% myself.

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