My Brother Has Given Our Daughter The Worst Nickname

Has anyone given you or one of your kids a TERRIBLE nickname? The thing about nicknames is… you very seldom get to choose them… and their very seldom something we like. Right? Growing up my dad used to call me Mush. He still does every now and then… but I never really liked it… because Mush. Come on. All these years later I can look back more fondly on it… but it used to embarrass the snot out of me when he’d call me Mush around my friends.

Well – my brother has given our daughter a nickname that is driving us CRAZY!! Do you have a brother… like mine? If you even give him the slightest inclination that something drives you crazy… IT’S LIKE GAME ON!! A little back story… Dan and I picked out our daughter’s name back when we were dating. Yeah – we were that sticky sweet couple. We’d decided if we had a daughter we were going to name her Grace Marie. We just fell in love with the name. So when we found out we were having a girl… it was like do you still like that name? Yeah. Ok. We have a Grace Marie coming.  Well… we really hadn’t even considered the fact that my brother has a dog name… Gracie. So, not only did we get to hear FOR NINE MONTHS about how we were naming our child after his dog… once she was born he has ONLY referred to her as G2. Yes. Grace 2. And he calls his dog OG. The original Grace. So in conversation he’ll say things like, How’s G2? Is G2 talking yet?

UGH!! It’s awful. G2. That IS NOT GOING TO BE MY DAUGHTER’S nickname!!!!

But, I feel a little peace over it… because he hasn’t had kids yet… and there will be an awful nickname attached all of his unborn children…. oh yes dear brother… payback is a B$#@H!!

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