Our 4-Year-Old Has Renamed My Bra!

Our son came up with the best name for my bra! Parents, you can totally relate to this!! If you’re not a parent – just wait!!! When your kids are really young… you can do just about anything in front of them… get dressed, shower… they don’t think a thing of it. Until they start getting older… and of course it varies for each child. But, Jackson’s getting to the age where he’s more… AWARE. So, I have him leave the room when I change… Dan’s been telling him to give me privacy when I’m showering.

It’s still hard… mom’s you know this all too well, to keep him out of the bathroom because our one-year-old Grace is always coming in. And if she’s with mom, then he wants to be in there too!

I often joke once they’re in the bathroom with me, “That they’re probably wondering why I called this meeting, especially in the bathroom.”

But, as careful as you are, inevitably your child will find a time to walk in to ask you something while you’re in the shower… or walk into the room at the exact moment you’re say… putting on your bra. Which just happened to me. I’m getting dressed, when out of nowhere… Jackson comes in the room as I’m putting on my bra… he says… what are you doing? And, before I can come up with anything remotely clever, he answers his own question by saying… “Oh, you’re putting on your nipple cover.”

Oh – yes. My nipple cover. Now get out of here so I can put on my lady flower cover!!

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