We FINALLY Named Our New Dog!

After much debate – we named our new puppy!

Friday we talked about how we were surprising our 4 year old son, Jackson, with a new puppy! BUT – we are ALL terrible at naming things… including our son. And, we ran into that problem, and parents maybe you ran into this problem with your little humans. We had a BOY name all picked out… just to find we were actually getting a GIRL dog. And, since THOR or THORNIA as Dan wanted to name her wasn’t going to fly… we were afraid we might end up with Dog.

Well – after much debate – Jackson finally decided to name his puppy Rosie. He’s always liked that name, and he actually has a wooden dog my uncle made for him named Rosie… so it worked. BUT – Dan had immediate objections to the name because apparently he’d had a pet named Rosie before. To which Jackson literally rolled his eyes and turned into a teenager saying, “Whatver, Dad.” But, Dan was really serious and said it was bad luck to re-use a pet name. But – of course had no reasonable alternates. So, Rosie stuck.

And, come to find out… Dan’s former “PET” with the name Rosie… a snake. A SNAKE!!!! Really? Couple of things. That’s not a pet. And, that’s not a pet!

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