Grace Is 2!

I cannot even believe how fast the first two years has gone… says EVERY parent… EVER! We celebrated Grace’s 2nd birthday yesterday and it made me want to be a kid again! We did everything a newly 2 year old would want to do. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to McDonald’s, then to the park, and after that we met them at the Galleria where Grace made a Build a Bear. A total blast followed up with lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. A nap… glorious to be a kid again… then a Mickey Mouse cake and lots and lots of presents. Because up until now she’s really just played with a lot of her brother’s toys… so this was the first time she got a lot of girly things. And boy did she ever know what to do. A girl after my own heart. She went from present to present. Until she opened some Minnie mouse heels Grandma and Papa had got her. She put those right on… which went well with her new Minnie mouse necklace and ring. She was all girl, all bling! And then… she opened a Minnie Mouse vaccum… to which she kicked off her heals… SMART girl… and started vacumming.  

We all noticed, and our friend Amy who was helping us celebrate said, “That’s right Grace, you don’t vaccum in heels unless it’s for your boyfriend. Then, once you’re married, kick em’ off!” 

It was hysterical!! See… real life… good advice!!

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