Things You Aren’t Allowed To Do At Disneyland

We love Disneyland, but there are some things people can do to ruin it for everyone. Theme Park Tourist made a list of 20 things you are absolutely NOT allowed to do at Disneyland. Did you know all of these things were banned? Check out the list below!


20. Go topless

19. Record video on a roller coaster

18. Swear at someone else inside the park

17. Shoot a movie

16. Use flash photography in an indoor ride

15. Ride a segway

14. Ride rollerskates or go on a skateboard

13. Carry a weapon

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12. Sit in a folding chair

11. Drink your own booze

10. Bring your pet along

9. Bring a “huge picnic hamper” into the park

8. Go to the front of a line without a FastPass

7. Smoke somewhere other than designated areas

6. Sell things

5. Take in “dangerous or hazardous materials”

4. Hold demonstrations and hand out flyers

3. Put up a banner or wave a flag

2. Wear a costume if you’re an adult

1. Have offensive clothing on


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