The 6 Most Scrumptious Doughnut Shops In Sacramento

Whether you like them piled with bacon, stuffed with ice cream or simply glazed, Sacramento likely has the perfect doughnut for you! Below is a list of Sacramento’s most beloved doughnut shops based on locals’ opinions on Yelp. Be sure to check out the scrumptious Instagram photos taken at each shop below!

1. Baker’s Donuts: This place is comparable to Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, except you can get your doughnuts filled with ICE CREAM! You can also get everything from fruity pebbles to bacon on your doughnuts! Mmmm.

5880 Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823

2. Marie’s Donuts: They’ve been ranted about for a long time, and for good reasons! If you like tasty custard-filled doughnuts, that’s what they’re known for – among many other kinds! Marie’s also has a variety of buttermilk and maple bars for enjoyable coffee dunking!

2950 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818

#Mariesdonuts #yums im in love ๐Ÿ˜€

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3. Sweet Dozen: One of the best things about this doughnut place is the customer service… and the doissants (cronuts). If you’re a first-timer, your chance of getting a few extra doughnuts for the price of nothing is high – and your chance of going back is ever higher! One of their most popular treats is the ice cream melt, a doughnut fried with ice cream inside of it (think a jelly doughnut with ice cream instead of jelly)! It comes out piping hot on the outside, and ice-cream-cold on the inside!

5207 Madison Ave
Ste E
Sacramento, CA 95841

Croissant lovers unite! Warm + toasty outside/ Choice of #gunthers #icecream inside #chocolate #croissant #sweetdozen916

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4. Danny’s Mini Donuts: You can get mini doughnuts served like nachos here! After choosing the mini doughnuts of your liking, you can top them off with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce and/or caramel sauce. They even come served in a traditional portable nacho tray so you can chow down while walking around! Beware of super sticky fingers!

900 2nd St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

5. Manley Donuts:ย  If you like your doughnuts simple, but extravagant and BIG, this is the place for you. One of their most beloved doughnuts is the blueberry cinnamon roll butterfly, which is a must-try! Something AWESOME about this shop is they do much more than just donuts! They also have a large selection of croissants, strudels, turnovers and bear claws! Mmmm.

360 Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95831

6. 16th Street Donuts:ย If you are looking for a qualityย doughnut fix without a complicated menu, this place will likely hit the spot. The doughnuts aren’tย the most innovative you’ve ever seen, but they just might be the fluffiest and freshest.

1601 F Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Saturday morning work means Saturday morning donuts. #silverlinings #16thstdonuts #donuts

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– Janice Daniels KYMX/Sacramento


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