Beyonce’s Earring Tears Off Onstage (Video)

The hashtag #CutForBeyonce is back! During a performance at Tidal X 1015 in NYC this Saturday, Beyonce’s earring got caught and ripped off, Yahoo reports. Nonetheless, she continued her performance flawlessly all while her ear bled. Many praised her for her ability to continue on, although, some fans took it a step further. The hashtag #CutForBeyonce made its way through social media with super fans posting pictures of them harming themselves.

This wouldn’t be the first time a hashtag so disturbing like this has been seen. Back in 2013 and in 2014, fans have used the hashtag to show their disappointment in Queen Bey losing awards that they had thought she deserved. The hashtags #CuttingForBeiber and #Cut4Zayn have also been seen in the past three years: One to get Bieber to stop smoking weed and the other to convince Malik to stay with his group, One Direction.


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