These Are The Most Haunted Places In Sacramento

According to CBS Sacramento & Haunted America Tours, here are the most haunted places in Sacramento! Try not to get too creeped out! Happy Halloween!

1. Old Sacramento Tunnels

If you didn’t already know, the Old Sacramento that you know today was rebuilt on top of a previous town, due to the rising Sacramento River. The tunnels that were left can now be toured, but beware. It is said that there is so much paranormal activity down there, that even the homeless people not dare to sleep there.

2. Pocket Area Homes

Owners of brand new homes in the Pocket area started complaining when they noticed paranormal activity in their homes. They later found out that their homes were built on top of a Portuguese cemetery.

3. The Vampire of Sacramento Victim’s Homes

Serial killer, Richard Trenton Chase, also known as “The Vampire of Sacramento,” killed his victims, then participated in drinking their blood – cannibalism. It is said that there are residual hauntings of the murders in the victim’s homes.

4. Dyer Lane – Elverta, CA

This road has a history of deadly accidents, suicides and murder. It is said that there have been ghostly sightings of a tortured police officer, and a disheveled man.

5. Antelope & Roseville Roads

As the temporary home of a Japanese internment camp during WWII, Roseville and Antelope Roads are said to be haunted  with the spirits of the departed Japanese. Residents have experienced things such as electronics switching on and off, doors start swinging randomly, things levitate, and a strong perfume scent coming from nowhere.

6. Franklin Blvd. Home

A woman who was not very fond of her step-son 80 years ago continues to haunt her Victorian home on Franklin Blvd. It is said that her spirit begins to act up whenever there are children in the home, and things appear in photos that originally weren’t there. When the owners try to sell the home, cracks and dark stains appear on the walls, red fluid oozes out from the walls, pipes burst, and screams can be heard in the empty basement. All that activity ceases when the owners stop the selling of the home.

7. K Street Mall Record Store

It is said that a woman in Victorian era clothing appears to patrons, then disappears. It is rumored that she has gone up to a man that was making a lot of noise and told him to be quiet. Creepy!


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