How Gross Are You Compared With Everyone Else?

Everyone does something gross right? You do something in private you would NEVER do in public! Right? Well, Buzzfeed did a survey to find out just how gross we are, compared to everyone else. Here are the results.

1.  93% of people pick their noses . . . and two-thirds of them feel secretly pleased if they dig up something particularly large and juicy in there.  And 22% of adults still EAT them.

2.  68% of us smell our own flatulence and LIKE the odor.

3.  70% examine our poop in the toilet to gauge its size and consistency . . . and 64% of us feel PROUD when we produce an unusually big one.

4.  21% pee in the shower at home . . . and 50% will do it in a public shower.

5.  16% don’t change their underwear on a daily basis . . . and 7% of people only change their sheets a few times a year or less.

6.  And 76% get a feeling of pleasure when we squeeze a pimple and pus comes out.

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