Katy Perry Inspires Unity With Inspiring Words

There is no doubt this country is divided, but the people have voted and it’s time to come together, whether you’re happy about the election or not. Despite BOTH candidates having HUGE unfavorable ratings, people were clearly still passionate. And, no one was a bigger supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton than Katy Perry, but instead of being divisive, she is using her words and her platform to inspire unity. On election night, Katy told Clinton supporters“Tonight, my parents voted for Trump. But you know what? We will still all be sitting at the same table for Thanksgiving. What a great country this is that gives us the freedom to express our differences, our opinions, our hopes and our fears — this is the moment we need to remember that we all love our parents and we all love our children.”

We have to remember, we’re all Americans first. We must respect democracy regardless of whether you like the outcome or not. Every four years the people vote, the people decide and it must be respected. Throughout our country’s history people’s candidates have won and lost, but we must respect one another and the results. We are all at the Thanksgiving table of America and we must put our differences aside and move forward, together. We don’t all have to agree, because that’s what makes our country great, but we do have to respect democracy, the constitution and each other. As President Obama said yesterday, “We are now all rooting for his [Donald Trump’s] success.”

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