5 Things Healthy People Do Each Morning

Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there, sometimes it can be challenging knowing where to start your journey.  But according to Mind Body Green, there are certain things you can do each morning that will set you up for a healthy start, relieve stress, and calm your mind as well your body — and they are EASY!!

Here they are:

  1. Drink Warm Lemon Water: This will help you stay hydrated, and the warm water combined with the lemon will activate digestion.
  2. Move: Whether you stretch or go for a run, giving your body movement will energize you and clear your mind.
  3. Meditate: If you start your day with positive intentions, your mood will be lifted, and you will be able to create your ideal day before you even leave the house!
  4. Schedule Your To-Do List: At the beginning of the week, take your to-do list and schedule a task for each day of the week, when you’ll most likely accomplish them.  The key is to start with the most important and work from there.  This will help make your schedule more manageable, helps you remember that you need to get things done, and forces you to be more accountable!  In turn, this will alleviate potential anxiety.
  5. Eat Breakfast: Start your day off with a well-balanced meal, to ensure effectiveness at work or with other tasks, and consider brown bagging your lunch as well. You will save money, and this ensures you eat a healthy lunch (otherwise, your impulsive hunger may lead to a fast food drive-thru window).

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