Donate To Your Local Shelter Over The Holidays

Want to help the less fortunate over the holidays, but don’t know where to start? According to The Kitchn, “one in seven people struggles with hunger, and rely on food from local food banks to help feed their families.” And one of the best thing you can do is to donate your time, money, or even healthy food options to your local shelter.

Festive goods like stuffing or cranberry sauce are good options during the holiday season. This helps families get in the Holiday spirit when they didn’t think it was possible. Shelters also encourage hearty foods and proteins, such as canned fish or meat, peanut butter, and beans.

Donating your time or money are also great ways to help your local shelter. Some shelters can receive a million pounds of food a week, but they need people to help distribute it. People tend to be hesitant about donating money to shelters because they don’t feel like they contributed, but it is actually the most beneficial way to help shelters.  This way they’ll be able to buy food in bulk and get deals that aren’t typically offered at a grocery store.

Whether it’s donating your food, time, or money this holiday, anything helps. So take your friends and family, and head to your local shelter to help families in need.

For a list of local shelters near you, click HERE! 

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