Kellogg’s New Frosted Flakes Flavor Is Coming Soon

Kellogg brand came out with a new cereal flavor due to high demand on social media. Cinnamon Frosted Flakes will be coming to stores this January, as a permanent addition to the Kellogg brand!

After 64 years, the Kellogg brand has been declining in sales, since consumers are now looking for a healthier alternative to sugary cereals. “Last quarter, Kellogg’s reported that sales fell 2.2%, with consumers purchasing 1% less cereal than they did the year prior,” according to The Drum. The company thinks this will help boost their sales because cinnamon was the number one most requested flavor.

Kellogg believes the new cinnamon Frosted Flakes, along with the company’s new slogan, “Let Your Great Out,” will take the company to the next level. Give it a try in January and see if it lives up to all the excitement.

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