Couples Fight 4 Times A Day In December and Divorces Skyrocket In January

Wait, before you panic, we have some ways you can protect your marriage this time of year. Yes, the stats are grim, but if you’re aware of you and your family’s stress, you can better manage it! A new study finds the average couple has 124 fights in December, which averages out to 4 a day!

Experts say there are things you can do to help limit or avoid fights this month.

Here are some ideas from Australian relationship coach, Brigitte Zonta:

* Having your partner’s family, including mother-in-law, can be an added stress on a relationship – the most important thing to remember is that the visit is temporary.

* The combination of having to navigate busy shopping centers searching for the perfect gift and then shelling out hard-earned cash, can also cause friction – instead consider gifts like quality time together, breakfast in bed or a new activity.

* If spending more time together is proving too much, come up with a plan and organize your days, so that you are not in each other’s faces all day.


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