What Job You Should Have According To Your Sign

If you’re looking to change careers or for your first one… maybe you should turn to the stars? PureWow asked an astrology expert for advice on what jobs fit which signs the best. Here you go!

Aquarius: You’re a rule breaker. Consider invention, technological innovation or even something like skydiving instruction.

Pisces: You’re all about artistic impression. Try your hand at writing, photography or spiritualism.

Aries: You draw inspiration from risk-taking and adrenaline. Think about becoming a venture capitalist, an EMT or a personal trainer.

Taurus: You’re calm and grounded and make those around you feel the same. You’d be a great restaurateur or carpenter.

Gemini: You’re a master connector and communicator. Consider being a makeup artist, stylist, translator or journalist.

Cancer: You have what people call “creative vision.” That’s ideal in an antique dealer or a fantasy novelist.

Leo: You give yourself fully to everything you do. Go for something where you can fully be you – preschool teaching or public relations.

Virgo: It’s all in the details for you. And there are some great detail-heavy jobs, like chemist, perfume maker or cocktail mixologist.

Libra: Your ideal work environment is one of balance. Look at jobs in graphic design or pro-bono legal services.

Scorpio: Intuition is your guide. Explore gigs that dive beneath the surface – psychology, social work or archaeology.

Sagittarius: “Less planning, more doing” is your motto. That makes you well suited to be a travel guide, pilot or teachers.

Capricorn: You fight against the grain, which isn’t always the easiest path to take. Get into leadership at any level, and you’ll do fine.

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