When’s The Last Time You Caught Yourself Turning Into Your Parents?

No matter how hard you try and fight it, it’s inevitable. You WILL turn into your parents! And, a lot of times women hear they will turn into their moms… which has totally started to happen to me… but I’m also turning into my DAD!! Heaven help us all! And, no matter how many times we said as a kid, “I will not do or say the things you do.” Eventually… we do. Answering a question with “Because I said so” becomes easier than trying to reason with a toddler… or teenager.

But, just last night, I caught myself using one of my dad’s old catch phrases. I’d gone upstairs to do something… and I kid you not… every single light that could possibly be on… was on!! Our daughter Grace, who’s 3, had followed me up and into her room… and I said to her, “Grace, you need to turn out your light when you’re done playing in your room… and then I said it… “What… do you think we own the electric company or something!?”

That phrase… my dad would say it ALL. THE TIME!! And, even when I was a kid, I didn’t even really understand what that meant. I was like… isn’t that one of the utility’s you can buy in Monopoly? Seriously, I think I was 12 before I knew what that meant. So, why I’m telling my 3 year old daughter that… I don’t know. Because I guarantee you she will be leaving on lights for years to come and that phrase will not sink in!!

So… just curious… What PHRASE or SAYING did your parents use… that you now find yourself using?!

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