2016 Top 10 Acts Of Kindness

Good News Network has gathered a list of the Top 10 Acts of Kindess from 2016. Check out the list below!

  1. Girl Uses Google Translate To Befriend New Student
  2. Suspect Cries When Judge Remembers Him “As The Nicest Kid In School
  3. Dying Man Gets His Last Wish Minutes Before Passing Away
  4. VIDEO: Deer Goes Limp When It Realizes Its Being Rescued
  5. Train Passengers Come Together To Help Nervous Man Prepare For Interview
  6. Ex Homeless Man Gives 10K to Highschool After 2 Teens Buy Him Ticket Home
  7. Grandma Accidentally Invites Stranger To Thankgiving, Tells Him To Come Anyway
  8. Little Girl Reaches Out To Grieving Man At The Grocery Store
  9. School Sends Boy With Autism A Touching Letter After Failing Exams
  10. Mom Adopts Hospice Babies Who No One Else Wants

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