An Auburn Man Who Went Missing Was Found On Miracle Drive

Indalecio Tiara, better known as “Ignacio” went for a walk on Christmas Eve. He left his care-taking home for his daily stroll, but the man did not return.

Placer County’s Sherriff stepped in, as well as 30 volunteers to help find Ignacio, according to KCRA. As the sun began to set, temperatures dropped. The community wasn’t sure whether or not they’d find the man.

The next day, on Christmas morning, Leo Benjamine was opening presents with his family, when he heard his dog barking outside. As he stepped out of his house to see what was going on, Ignacio was hunched over a tree on the other side of the street. The name of the street? Miracle Drive.

Ignacio had been found, and even joked with the family!

“‘He was a little bloody from the barb wire, and his jacket was torn,’ Benjamine said. ‘He had kind of a flannel shirt or jacket … not dressed for the weather at all.'”

Tiara was returned to the caretakers and was said to be okay!


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