Watch Out: Tapeworm Recently Found In U.S. Salmon

Be careful salmon-lovers!

According to a new report from CBS News, scientists have confirmed a tapeworm that has been known to infect Asian Pacific salmon is now being found in salmon caught in the Alaskan Pacific.

People infected with this particular tapeworm, known as the Japanese broad tapeworm, often exhibit no symptoms, though it can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss. However, the tape worm has been recorded growing up to 30 feet long in the human body.

On a more positive note, infection appears to be relatively uncommon, with only 2,000 cases having ever been reported.

For fans of raw salmon in sushi and ceviche, the risk of infection is low, but still exists. Therefore, if you experience any unexplained symptoms after consuming raw salmon, check with a doctor as this infection is treatable with medication.

For more information on the tapeworm and ways to prevent getting it, you can check out the original report here.


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