Ed Sheeran Drops 42 Pounds With A Simple Change

Ed Sheeran has just released two new singles as part of a planned comeback, but people seem to be more curious about his major weight loss!

A new article from the Mirror reveals that Sheeran has lost 3 stone, or 42 pounds, by working out for only 10 minutes a day. Despite the short length, the high-intensity regime has made a big impact. The workout alternates between 30 seconds of sprinting and 30 seconds of jogging and was given to him by his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn.

While touring, Sheeran described having pizza and beer every night and using the concerts keep himself in shape. However, when his touring ended, he suddenly couldn’t fit in any clothes anymore and decided to make a change.

The key, according to Sheeran, is never missing any days. With a workout that short, it would be hard to not find time to squeeze it in!


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