Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym

Did we get your attention? Of course, that’s the obvious way to burn calories and trim down, but there’s other stuff you can do, some you might already be doing! And, you might be surprised to find out how many calories you burn doing every day, mundane things!

According to scientists, you can burn calories a number of ways!! Like:

1. Walking up the stairs: 128 calories in 15 minutes – which if you have stairs – is totally likely.

2. Dancing: 102 calories

3. Washing the car: 84 calories

4. Playing with the kids: 74 calories

5. Short walk: 62 calories

6. Grocery shopping: 58 calories

7. Having sex: 54 calories

8. Vacuuming: 50 calories

9.  Ironing: 25 calories

10. Watching television: 12 calories


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