This 11 Year Old’s Hilariously Absurd Bucket List Is Going Viral [PHOTO]

Lots of people make bucket lists to accomplish their dreams before it’s too late, but this 11-year-old’s list is really crazy!

According to Buzzfeed, 18-year-old Josh Magpantay found his youngest sister’s bucket list and was astounded by what she wanted to do.

Some of the things included on the list were to pet a cheetah, to stay asleep for 24 hours, to eat a hammerhead shark, snake, and bear, and to sit in an empty room for an hour.

Jesse, the author of this amazing list, has offered some explanations behind her choices. For instance, she explained that she likes to sleep, when asked why she wants to sleep for a straight 24 hours. When asked why she wanted to spend an hour alone in an empty room, she said she likes to be lonely.

People on Twitter responded very positively to the list, and many agreed with some of the items Jesse included.

Let’s hope she’s able to pull it all off some day!

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